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We listen to customer’s opinion carefully through consultation,such as hair length, thickness and style. We creat the best style for each person that is easier to maintain. We also have relaxation shampoo service. We are aiming to become a salon where customers can be comfortable.
There are not any parking meters around this store, it is easy to park! We are looking forward to seeing you at Aletta!!

We are located suburb of the city where outside of downtown. Please enjoy relaxed atmosphere in our salon with the friendly staff.
We provide hair styles that looks fit with each client.




Custom styling
Kids Cut

*up to 11 years old

Bangs Cut
Cut and Color
S $100 M $110 L $120
Roots Color
S $75 M $85 L $90
Cut and Roots Color
S $85 M $95 L $95
Cut and highlights
S $90 M $110 L $130
Cut and Roots Highlights
S $90 M $100 L $120
Cut and One Care Bleach, Toner

S $150 M $180 L $200 XL $230
Cut and premium one care bleach, toner

S $180 M $200 L $220 XL $240

*Olaplex Treatment included

Cut and point one care bleach, toner

S $130 M $150 L $180

*$30 additional for double bleach but we don't recommend to do it in the same day except point double bleach color.

Cut and Perm
S $100 M $110 L $120
Cut and Digital Perm
S $120 M $130 L $140
Cut and Special Strong Perm

S $150 M $180 L $200
Care Japanese Straightening Perm
Cut and Care Japananese Straightening Perm
S $165 M $195 L $215 XL $235
Cut and Roots Care Japanese Straightening Perm
S $155 M $185 L $205 XL $225

*Roots must be within 2 inches.

Cut and Point Care Japanese Straightening Perm
S $90 M $120 L $145
Japanese 5 step Hydration Treatment

Deeply Conditions inside and out, Keratin, collagen and CMC adds body to your hair and prevents any kind of damage and longer lasting.

Inner Core Anti Breakage Bond Treatment

Gives more bouncy and strong hair, keeps good moisture balance, prevents frizziness and extreme dryness.

2 Step Collagen Treatment

Repairs and rejuvenates hair from inside out. A combination of Keratin and Amino Acid that easily absorb into the hair to rebuild the hair's inner matrix, while smoothing and sealing the cuticle builds up strong healthy hair.

Olaplex Treatment

Chemical treatment actively operating on a molecular level.This binds together the broken protein bonds of your hair. These proteins act as armor against internal and external damage.

Treatment with Shampoo & Dry and Styling

*$10 additional for Olaplex treatment.

Cut & Treatment

*Stylists choose the treatment based on your hair condition.

Shampoo & Dry
Shampoo & Dry and Custum Styling
Casual Make Up

*$5 additional for false eyelashes
*Please ask about price for Wedding Make up + Trial and Casual/Wedding Updo

Prices may change without any prior notice.

Hair Length Guide
S (Short): Down to the neck line
M (Medium): Down to the shoulder
L (long): Down to 3 inches below the shoulder
XL (Extra Long): Longer than "L" or Longer than "M" with lots of volume

8261 Granville, Vancouver 604.264.0107
Open: 6 days a week Tue-Sun 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Closed: Monday

Hair Styling

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