The unchanging flow of time in mundane everyday life…

All it takes is just a small change in your style to make life a little something special. Highly skilled hairstylists with distinctive characters will transform your hair imperfections into a “design” and help you create your own “style”, be it natural and cute, funky and cool, or sleek and sexy. At Chura Hair, We value individual style consultations because we know everybody is unique and we respect your individuality.

Japanese owned and managed hair salon, providing services in Tokyo, Japan and Vancouver, Canada. Our hairsylists have extensive training and experience in competitive but flourishing hair industry in Japan. We specialize not only in haircut, coloring, perms, treatment and super-straightening (Japanese straight, magic straight perm), but also in innovative Digital Perm, hair set-up, facial make-up, and wedding services.

Chura Hair Salon Primo Aletta Crescendo

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